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CHRISTMASFEST Chesterfield was a Huge Success!

RIVER NETWORK had its second CHRISTMASFEST in Derbyshire. For other events check our Eventbrite and our What’s On? page.

These events are fun filled, with interactive games & raffles with families, individuals & children winning toys, food hampers, cash cards, turkey’s and a flat screen TV! It also showcases the charity and engages with community in a non-stigmatised and friendly professional manner.

We had a turnout of over 30 people present, partaking in fun activities and games, winning multiple prizes and having a fun time.

Gage, a Community Development Worker who helped set up the event, said “It was a great event. Everyone involved was having a great time and everyone left the event with a prize of some kind”.

Terry CEO said “I couldn’t be happier with the great work our team here at River Network have accomplished. As our work continues, I cannot wait to see how they all grow and how that affects our future events and the people that attend them in a positive way”.

Everyone enjoying the music

The Dad Dance-off

Balloon Popping

Silent Night performed by Jill

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