The Derbyshire Association of Local Councils represents over 190 Parish and Town Council and Parish Meetings in the county. Their aim is to protect and promote the interests, rights, functions and priveleges of members in the performance of their duties and they strive to promote a widespread and well-informed interest in local government. DALC is constituted to support local councils and parish meetings in the delivery of services to their communities, including:

  • Advice and Information to member councils for them to use as they deem appropriate, on a range of subjects including: Legal advice service, Employment advice service, Advice on council administration, Policy consultation and advice, VAT advice, Burial and Cemetery advice, Insurance advice, National circulars and information bulletins.
  • Telephone Helpline
  • Training – The Association runs a programme of training courses to equip clerks and councillers.
  • National Affiliation – Membership of the Association can also provide affiliation to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) which seeks to represent local councils at national level as well as providing advice on leagl and procedural matters, national publications and regular information bulletins.
  • Local Council Awards Scheme – DALC administers this national awards scheme for Councils in Derbyshire.
  • Public Works Loan Board -application to the Secretary of State for borrowing approval.

Enthusiasm delivers projects working with young people who are most at risk of offending and social exclusion. They support young people who are socially excluded with their complex needs and family lifestyles that hold them within a negative cycle and contribute to poverty and lifelong problems.
They aim to break the cycle of deprivation and give young people a more positive life experience. In order to achieve this, they deliver core programmes to engage and support young people from local communities, including mentoring, universal youth work, family support and community development work.

The Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health aims to improve mental health and promote independence for individuals living with or recovering from mental health issues. They do this by:

  • Providing specialist adult and youth community mental health support services
  • Offering a range of programmes and workshops to educate and build personal resilience for those living with poor mental health
  • Having a Wellbeing Hub and Safe Space facilities to improve the lives for individuals with poor mental wellbeing

ACE Youth Trust is a registered charity run by a board of volunteer Trustees from the Ashbourne area. Their aim is “to provide recreational/leisure activities and support/guidance” to young people aged 11-19 and is “intended to help them grow as individuals and improve their quality of life”.
Since 2007 ACE has sought to reach out to the hard to reach, disadvantaged and vulnerable local young people and make a significant impact on their lives by providing targeted youth work services, in and out of school, delivered by qualified youth workers and trained volunteers.

Umbrella empowers parents and carers, supporting them in their care of their disabled child or young adult. They provide exciting and stimulating activities for children and young adults, which encourages the development of new skills whilst having fun and giving disabled children and young adults the opportunities, that non-disabled children take for granted.
Umbrella supports any family with a disabled child or young adult aged 5-30. They are able to support a child or young adult no matter what their disability as their services are person-centred to meet individual needs.

Global Education Derby works together with young people, communities and educators to bring about personal, local and global change for a fairer and more sustainable world.
They run a range of projects that provide opportunities for teachers, youth workers and young people to get actively involved in exploring all aspects of global citizenship. Their projects offer easy ways to explore big topics like inequality and conflict and build core skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and student leadership.

YMCA Derbyshire provides accommodation and long-term housing across the city of Derby and provide support and advice to people who need it across Derbyshire. They also provide training courses in a safe and secure environment for participants to develop personal and work-related skills for employment.

Children First Derby are a Derby-based charity that worked with vulnerable children, young people and families to make a positive impact in their lives and the local community.
They have family support services which have evidence to back up the success it has had in local communities. Through the quantitative analysis they have undertook, they have evidence that shows that there have been positive outcomes on school attendance and attainment, levels on anti-social behaviour, relationships within the family, healthy lifestyles and engagement with social and other support services.

Safe and Sound have been tackling child sexual exploitation since 2002, providing high quality tailored one-to-one support to victims and young people at risk in Derby and Derbyshire. From 2019, whilst maintaining their specialism in sexual exploitation, they have also expanded their services to include all forms of exploitation.
Their main focuses are prevention, early intervention, diversion and transition, which goes beyond exploitation issues and aims to help young people adjust to life as an adult.

Bridge The Gap specialize in nurturing emotional literacy skills, boosting self-esteem and supporting a growth mindset by using a relationship-focused approach. The services they provide include:

  • One-to-one support for children
  • Proactive emotional education
  • Training for schools
  • Parent and child groups
  • Community events and support
  • Parent empowerment workshops and private sessions
  • Consultancy

Langell Mill Food

Whaley Bridge Canal Group aim to conserve the Whaley Bridge Basin, Transhipment Warehouse and the towpath up to bridge 32. They plan to create a village green-type space for the town and have a range of events and activities that bring the local community together.

Whaley Bridge Canal Basin
High Peak
SK23 7LS

07920 253 075