River Network is partnering with Lighthouse Homes

RIVER NETWORK are excited to announce a new supported Housing partnership with Lighthouse homes starting January 2022. River Network who have been expanding and developing new staff, projects and programmes are honoured at this new partnership. Lighthouse Homes offer immediate, medium and long term accommodation to women and men who are homeless. We offer a safe and structured environment with a particular emphasis on helping those with a history of addiction. Currently we have four faith-based residential communities, welcoming all – providing opportunities for change in lifestyles and values.

John Bradwell founding board member and trustee says “ This is a tremendous opportunity for staff from both organisations and clients and a win, win for everyone!”

 RIVER NETWORK CHARITY, offering information, guidance, signposting & support. Our Board, Leaders and team come with decades of credibility, Professional experience and qualifications. With this experience, heart and local need are looking to expand our services. Charity reaching out and helping the community through Christian concern via:

  • Youth work
  • Childrens services
  • Family services
  • Foodbank
  • Media
  • Alternative education
  • Home schooling
  • Homeschooling Hub
  • Housing Accommodation
  • Retail
  • Training and Qualifications
  • Mental Health
  • Marginalised
  • Homeless
  • Needy
  • Social
  • Through practical and holistic development. River Network have also just been nominated for Darley Dale Councils Community Project Award- and are in the top 3 !

Terry Eckersley CEO says “ We are so honoured to work with Lighthouse Homes – especially after putting all our staff through a Housing Qualification.”

Terry is also a long term friend and supporter of Lighthouse Homes. 

Lauren Executive Assistant at River Network adds “ This is so timely and a strategic fit after all the hard work of both organisations to see others develop.”


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