Tyson and John Fury Helped with Battles, Not Just in the Ring

Our own CEO and Minister Terry Eckersley has been publicly honoured and thanked by the Fury Family.

The Fury’s are not shy nor private about their faith and battles with mental health.

I had a great evening with @jilleckersley and finally get to be with and meet Tyson Fury @gypsyking101 on his homecoming tour. It was so good to be with our friend @gypsyjohnfury and get a shoutout from him – he really appreciates the #prisonministry we gave him and publicly said so tonight

Terry Eckersley

With your ministry via the Prison Chaplaincy, professional help and praying and praying and praying, things changed

John Fury

John thanked Terry and said how Terry had helped get them where they are today. This was at the homecoming event with 850 in attendance.

It’s humbling and an honour to have played a small part in the journey. It’s also an encouragement to keep reaching out to people, especially the marginalised – you never know the encouragement and difference you can make. When we met John Fury on a Prison Ministry trip in 2014, John was as much eager for prayer for Tyson as himself. John and I prayed together for him and Tyson – not many people had heard of them…I’d not and went to Minister to those many didn’t want to and wouldn’t. Go for the souls nobody wants and you’ll also get the souls that everybody wants.

Terry Eckersley

In particular in this season of peace on Earth and goodwill to all let’s all keep doing our bit to help others, especially the marginalised and those who get overlooked.

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