Vita health are a group support people with various mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. They have linked that 50% of mental health cases are linked to someone with a long term illness such as crohns disease and cancer patients and their families. Unfortunately they can’t help dementia patient, people who suffer with bipolar or drug and alcohol abusers, but there is people they can be referred too.

The current wait time is around 3-20 weeks depending on which department is needed with 7 weeks of therapy via zoom or teams. Derby / Derbyshire only have a few staff who were recruited during the pandemic so will open later for face to face counselling than the other counties they operate in.

What is Vita Health?
Vita health is a group/orginisation that specializes in mental health related issues and physical issues, as the both of these can go hand in hand. An example is someone who has to have a limb amputated, sadly the majority of amputees often get depression after the surgeory due to the huge life impact it has on the person. Vita health sited that 50% of their mental health related cases also struggle with physical issues such as Cancer, obesity and diabetes.

Vita Health Accessibilty
Wait times can be pretty lengthy due to increase of mental health issues over the past 5-10 years. Especialy after the COVID-19 pandemic. The average wait time is anywhere between 3-20 weeks for an appointment. There is a 7 week period of therapy/ counseling. But this can be extended if the therapist feels it is needed.