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Volunteers Needed for Chesterfield Youth Night

This week we had some fresh raspberries for the attendees of our youth night to eat and make milkshakes and smoothies out of.

We made raspberry milkshakes and the kids also ate a lot of them. They took some home for their families as well and I took some around my local estate. We gave a bunch to the running club and any passers-by and we still have plenty left to use again next week.

Ave, Senior Community Development Worker

We have also had interest in volunteer work as part of our youth nights from one of our attendees.

One of the more sensible girls has also taken interest in the volunteer role as she wants it to look good on her CV when she turns 15. I’ve informed her there is an availability for her to complete the youth work training course and we are enrolling her immediately.

Ava, Senior Community Development Worker

We have also started monitoring the numbers more efficiently now and are planning to start a second youth night on Friday’s, with the goal being to raise up a new leadership structure.

We are also planning some Christmas youth nights and youth leadership involvement off-site.

I’m also currently making a flyer and email to send out to local colleges and sixth forms as I think volunteer work would look great on their university applications.

Ava, Senior Community Development Worker

If you would like to get involved in any charity work with us, check the link below!

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