Youth and Foodbank Expansion

River Network, one of Derbyshire’s key youth and family charities, are expanding and relaunching more desperately needed essential services.

Hurst Farm Youth Club will start again on the 4th of February. There have been a couple of changes to make this a safe and fun place to go. We have decided that it will start at 17:30 and end at 19:00 with a walking bus to ensure children that attend get home safely.
We have also decided that the age cut-off will be when the child starts year 8 as this will give us the opportunity to support year 7 children with any difficulties/worries transitioning from primary to secondary education. We are currently trying to sort out a time and date for the older children and will let everyone know when we have this.
As well as trained and qualified staff and volunteers, we are bringing in other experts with life-changing stories that are so inspiring and relevant to young people and our community.

Adam Bridger, Youth and Foodbank Services Manager

We are continuing to creatively expand and deliver services with our highly trained staff, volunteers and partnerships. Derbyshire County Council are meeting with us soon for a research project and development of strategic action.

River Network is a name that keeps coming up as a good example of a youth group in the local area.

Nicole Beardsley, Youth and Community Engagement Worker with the Children’s Service Derbyshire County Council

We are excited to help serve the county’s strategic plan. We are so proud of the hard work, training and qualifications of our staff, volunteers and now the young people engaging and getting involved in our life-changing programmes. We have other plans in place for the development of young people and families, leading to development of our communities across the region.

Terry Eckersley, CEO

We desperately need people with cars to expand our unique and bespoke Foodbank delivery service to the lonely, isolated and vulnerable across Derbyshire and the Peaks. As we continue to develop, we are also looking for buildings, staff, volunteers and people who want to partner financially.


If you are interested in getting involved and helping us, click below to get in touch!

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