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Costa Coffee and Community Development Mornings

We are pioneering a tremendous new initiative later this month, open to all ages, peoples and faiths. We are not just hosting staff and volunteer leadership and team building, but inviting the community along as well! This is taking involvement, consultation and service user involvement to a whole other level.

As things have opened up, it’s now time for new initiatives, friendship and groups to launch and support people, families and communities. Our teams are coming soon to your local Costa Coffee and all across Derbyshire, rebuilding community via friendship and community development for FREE! If you’re struggling, we can offer friendship, support and awareness, with guest speakers and trainers coming along with great signposting and support from our community development team, if needed.
Once established, we will then be adding evening celebration events with motivational speakers who have overcome some very challenging and life threatening issues, focused around mental health, addictions, loneliness and all manner of issues.

Terry Eckersley, CEO

We have already helped so many through our youth work, media, clothing bank and foodbanks, including families and children.

River Network are starting with four locations, then adding to these strategically across Derbyshire – they are not waiting for individuals to come to them, they are going right to the heart of the community. It’s encouraging to see true innovation to reach out and support people and communities in these unprecedented times. We need unstoppable innovation, organizations and people.


We currently have plans in the following locations:

Come and join us!

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